5 Things To Do In Budapest During Winter


It does not take too much time for Budapest to become one of the most popular destinations in Europe. During the winter, the city becomes unique, and you can experience the real life of this city. The winter season is perfect for the couple, as you can see the romance in the atmosphere. You can feel that the city has become like a fairytale and get truly immersed in its culture. The Christmas market and the ice skating gives you a perfect feeling during the winter. Here are five things which to do in Budapest during winter.

5 Things To Do In Budapest During Winter
5 Things To Do In Budapest During Winter

Things To Do In Budapest :

Christmas Markets

The Christmas markets are available from November to January, and it is one of the places which attracts a large number of visitors. Here you can experience the authentic Hungarian Christmas, which will become a lifelong memory for you. You can try some traditional dishes, mulled wine, Christmas strudel, and arts and crafts. You can find this spectacular market in front of the Basilica building, and there are more than 160 stalls where you can try out various types of cakes and sweets.

City Park Ice Rink

The park ice rink in Budapest city is one of the most popular skating destinations of the place. You can find the Park in front of Vajdahunyad Castle, which is perfect for visiting during the time frame of late November and mid-February. It was first to open in 1870 and one of the oldest and largest in Europe. During the summer, you can find a lot of water in this place, and after the start of winter, it becomes a perfect place for the skaters.

Basilica Light Show

Saint Stephen’s Basilica is one of the best places where you can experience the true beauty of architecture. One of the things which makes it more special is its light show where you can experience the best harmony of nature. During winters it offers a light show which can provide you one of the best experience and you can check out the religious stories.

Spas And Thermal Baths: Things To Do In Budapest

There are more than One hundred and eighteen natural thermal springs all over Budapest, and it contains 70 million liters of therapeutic water. The thermal baths are amazingly beautiful, and they are famous all around the world for its medicinal benefits.

5 Things To Do In Budapest During Winter
5 Things To Do In Budapest During Winter

5) Hungarian State Opera House

If you are going to Budapest, then you must visit the Hungarian State Opera House. The construction was done in 1884, and it is precisely the same from its starting time. You might have already seen this Opera House in some blockbuster movies, and they consider it as a national treasure of Budapest. Every year thousands of visitors come to this place to see the beauty of this warehouse.

So these are the top 5 Things To Do In Budapest in winter. If possible, then you should try doing all these things during the winter in Budapest. As you already know that it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. So you need to make sure that you consider booking your tour in advance.