A Visit To World Heritage The Beemster


If you want to visit Beemster, the world heritage site located in Holland, the following are some of the exciting facts of Beemster.
Prince Maurits and Prince Frederik Hendrik found Beemster in July 1612. These are the first people to come across the low lying areas in the sea in the Netherlands, which became one of the best polders. Initially, there was no development, but gradually people started building houses and farms.

A Visit To World Heritage The Beemster
A Visit To World Heritage The Beemster

Both the princes brought windmills to clear the land along the sea and were called by the men who made this a grand success. Some businessmen from Amsterdam and government officials from Hague got a nod to reclaim the largest lake in northern Holland in 1607. Several big lakes came into existence on the Northside of Amsterdam as the soil settled in the big crates formed due to the crumbling away of the banks of the sea and the water entering into them.

A Visit To World Heritage The Beemster
A Visit To World Heritage The Beemster

The Classical Ideal Beauty

Let us begin with unraveling the beauty of the fantastic monument the semester. The building is seized with the unparalleled possibility to put out the new, empty land. In the book, the place is called as the ideal city. These things were originally from the Italy empire which was part of Italian Renaissance thoughts. Also, the square was known to be a unique form of virtue. You will observe a design of squares, which was for the layout of the new land. There were unique Watercourses and roads all over it.

This is indeed an unusual land division which is still present there. It is almost intact, and this was one of the causes why UNESCO determined to put it. The Beemster on the World Heritage List. It was in the year (1999). This was an unprecedented decision in that situation, because another part of another World Heritage site, was then incorporated in the section of the Beemster.

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Adjoining Villages, Farmhouses Of World Heritage The Beemster

There were various towns, villages adjoining this Beemster area. However, not all were explored totally. Firstly the idea was undertaken to create communities at five crossroads. Also, in the middle of the polder, at the intersection of the ‘Ripper’ and the ‘Middenweg. There was a planned village that came into existence later on called the Middenbeemster. Then in the year 1623, the first church came into being was also built there. It was designed by the Amsterdam designer Hendrick de Keyser. Then there were other villages which got emerged. Both of them were not according to plan but agreed with each other. Also, in this planning of this whole area, West Beemster got evolved from an originally Roman-Catholic enclave. And is a ‘lintdorp.’ This place was stretched between two crossroads.

This is how this World Heritage The Beemster got into being the best site