Awesome and Famous Spots For Weekend Trips To Amsterdam In Europe

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Which place is best to visit during the trip to Amsterdam? Where should you never miss to add to the list of Amsterdam trips? Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands and the most populated city of this country. Its city is famous for its beautiful scenic views of nature, historical architecture, ornaments, and many more. Amsterdam is famous for its nightlife and festival activity. Every year several tourists come to Amsterdam to see his beauty. If you plan for a Europe trip but are confused about which place is best to visit, your advice is to plan a weekend trip to Amsterdam to make many beautiful memories with friends and family. Its place is best for getting full enjoyment and fun.

Let’s look at the famous spots of weekend trips to Amsterdam for Europe tour making them memorable and enjoyable.

Rijksmuseum Is The Best Place To Visit During Weekend Trips To Amsterdam

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Rijksmuseum is the most popular place in Amsterdam for visiting. Its place was best for the journey back in the 19th century. Its museum is built to house adorable art and more than 250 rooms for antiques of the nation. It has an extensive library of above 3500 books and manipulation. It also has traditional handicrafts, medieval sculpture, modern art style, and many more fantastic things on its display. If you plan weekend trips to Amsterdam, but you never add its place on your visiting list, it means your trip is incomplete.

Anne Frank House

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Anne Frank house is the most famous spot in Amsterdam for visitors. Those who plan the weekend trips to Amsterdam never miss seeing the beauty of its spots. Its place is famous for the life history of Anne frank. Anne Frank is a young Jewish girl of Jewish who was in the second world war. His life history is more fantastic. Its house is open for the public every day between 9 am to 7 pm.  It is also required to give entry fees for visiting. If you are a history lover x, you must visit its place to learn some new things.


Vondelpark is the best place to learn about the culture and lifestyle. I plan the weekend trips to Amsterdam or make a list of famous spots you never miss seeing, and you must be required to add the Vondelpark for getting a new experience of Amsterdam. At his place every day several local people and tourists come to visit. Its park has many home café and restaurants, skate rental shops, an open-air theater, a rose garden with more than 70 species, and more. It’s open from 9 am to 7 pm.


These all are the famous spots of the weekend trips to Amsterdam for the Europe tour.  Its sports always have the first attraction point of the tourists and local public. If you visit their places one time, then your eye never escapes the whole beautiful life.

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