A Travel Guide To Belgium

Belgium Travel Guide

Belgium is a land full of scenic beauty and cultural heritage, making one of the highly acclaimed holiday destinations all over Europe. It is famous worldwide for offering tourists from every part of the globe some incredible locations to explore. There are two shades of Belgium, one is the rural nature, and the other in the urban cityscape. Now, if you are planning for a trip to Belgium, here is a great Belgium travel guide. Read on to know some of the famous places in the country where you can travel on your next holiday trip to Belgium.

Known for chocolates and beer, this country is an amazing destination for those who want to relish delicacies. Also, for those who are interested in architecture, this country is an attractive destination for providing a plethora of architectural designs. Thirdly, for the admirers of art, this country never fails to astonish them with some of the greatest artworks. Also, the transportation options in this country are vast, and one can choose from public transports to private transports according to the budget and preference. Now, let us know about some of the places you must visit while In Belgium.

Belgium Travel Guide: The Canals And Belfry Of Bruges

On the banks of the river Reenie, Bruges is a top location for sightseeing. The Canals carry a fascinating history of how the city grew. Cruising or walking along the canals is one of the best things to do in Burges. The Belfry of Bruges is a beautifully preserved monument that once functioned as the main town market hall. The 366 winding and narrow steps of the belfry are its attractions.

Grand Place, Brussels

Belgium Travel Guide
Belgium Travel Guide

Dating back from the 14th to 17th centuries, The Grand Palace is located at the heart of Brussels. It is surrounded by guildhalls and other buildings that represent the magnificent medieval architecture. The town hall in this location is a world-famous representation of Gothic architecture. This place is one of the reputed UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Cathedral Of Saint Bavo, Ghent

It is perhaps the best religious architecture in Belgium. This cathedral makes an attraction for its architecture, interior, art pieces, and the Altar of Ghent. The Altar is a Flemish masterpiece that one cannot miss. Also, the crypt with impressive tombs and wall arts makes a perfect Belgium sightseeing.

The Battlefields Of Flanders

Belgium carries an awe-striking history of World War I. The Battlefields of Flanders is one such remembrance of the past. It is also known as a pilgrimage site. One will come across vast cemeteries of the brave soldiers who died on the same battlefield. Langemark’s German War Cemetery and the Tyne Cot Cemetery are the most famous ones here.

Belgium Travel Guide: Semois Valley

Belgium Travel Guide
Belgium Travel Guide

In the southeast of the country is a land serene and peaceful. Semois Valley is a nature lover’s delight. The vast landscape by the Semois River, known as Semois Valley, is a thick forest-clad hilly area. One can opt for a riverboat trip to explore the entire area.