Best Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmets For 2020-Top 5 Models Reviewed

Best Flip up Motorcycle Helmets for 2020-Top 5 Models Reviewed

Flip-up helmets provide a beautiful blend of characteristics and features from both open-faces to full-face ones. These helmets guarantee you the safety and comfort you need. That is why they have become prevalent among motorcycle riding enthusiasts. Therefore, with so many options available in the market, you may find it hard to decide the best one for your needs. Fortunately, The Top 5 Models Reviewed list narrows these options down to a few to make your buying process more comfortable. 

Best Flip up Motorcycle Helmets for 2020-Top 5 Models Reviewed

1. Bell SRT Modular

The SRT Modular from Bell is a top-quality product that guarantees quality service. This flip-up helmet comes with a classic, sophisticated design and a robust fiberglass shell. Its hard shell is significant for ensuring maximum safety. 

What’s more, this helmet comes with an extractable anti-bacterial liner and a drop-down sun visor. Also, the provision face protector offers quality protection and an excellent vision range. The helmet weighs 3.89 pounds only. Overall, it’s a great help with a variety of useful features and worth an investment.

Best Flip up Motorcycle Helmets for 2020-Top 5 Models Reviewed

2. Shoei Neotec II

This helmet comes with a stable shell design that makes it very aerodynamic when you’re at high speed. Neotech II includes a lot of features that make your riding experience more comfortable and safe. Also, its face shield blocks up to 99% of the harmful UV rays while the drop-down sun visor and a classic interior design help in reducing noise.

Moreover, the removable and easy-to-wash interior liner and the cheek pads enhance comfort. The much adjustable intake ventilation and the substantial exhaust ventilation help to increase airflow. For anyone looking for safety and comfort, this can be the best pick.

Portable Foldable Water Bag

Best Flip up Motorcycle Helmets for 2020-Top 5 Models Reviewed

Portable Foldable Water Bag helps in your ride most of the time. The bag is portable and more convenient all the time.


This helmet offers an outstanding build quality that guarantees your safety and minimal noise levels. It’s one of the top 5 models reviewed in this list. Further, this helmet stands with competitors from it’s unique feature.

What’s more, it includes an aerodynamic shell that ensures you don’t get tired after longer rides. Additionally, for easy cleaning and maintenance, the helmet features a detachable and washable anti-bacterial inner liner. It has an excellent ventilation system to cool you off on sunny and hot days. Overall, the SCHUBERTH C4 is a significant flip-up helmet that everyone should try.

4. Scorpion EXO-AT950

This helmet includes a very versatile design. As a dual-sport modular helmet, you can configure it for just about any riding adventure. Additionally, this helmet can be a perfect choice for you if you like riding on a wide range of surfaces and only wants one helmet.

It has a polycarbonate shell, removable peak, dual-density EPS, a lot of intakes, and exhaust ventilation for perfect airflow. Moreover, it has a nice drop-down sun visor, fog- and scratch-resistant face shield and comfortable flip-up chin bar. Lastly, this helmet is only 3.77 pounds in weight.

Best Flip up Motorcycle Helmets for 2020-Top 5 Models Reviewed
Best Flip up Motorcycle Helmets for 2020-Top 5 Models Reviewed

5. Nolan N44

Last but not least, the Nolan N44 is an excellent helmet. It has a seemingly odd shape but a stylish outlook. Moreover, for versatility, you can configure this helmet in up to six different ways to suit your riding needs.

What’s more, this helmet comes with a detachable peak and chin bar that let you have an experience of a full-face or open-face helmet depending on your taste. Lastly, it includes significant intake and exhaust ventilation and drop-down sun visor. It’s a very comfortable helmet for riders.


The above is the best flip-up motorcycle helmets for 2020. They are durable and ensure maximum safety for you while riding your motorcycle. After going through the list, you now know which one suits your riding needs best. Go for it!