Best Places For A Cycling Holiday In 2020

Cycling or biking or bicycling is a sport that can help you to explore places throughout the world. Some people use to ride cycle every day to be healthy cautious. Because it helps you to release adrenalin and endorphins and gives you the confidence to have a stress free life.

Though you are health aware, to explore the most beautiful places on the earth, cycling is one of the best options. You can bike at your own pace and can stay away from the tourist trail. Furthermore, can ride to the interior villages and taste the local dishes. Moreover, will also know the culture of the native people.

Best Places For A Cycling Holiday In 2020
Best Places For A Cycling Holiday In 2020

Here are some places where you can enjoy your cycling vacation in the year 2020.

Siena, Italy

Siena is famous for the early season race known as Strade Bianche. The twists and turn over the surrounding hilly regions with white gravel roads are amazing which finishes on the Piazza del Campo. Riding a bike with wider tires, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place feeling like being on a rollercoaster that passes through olive groves and vineyards.
You can also enjoy a Tuscan meal and glasses of Brunello after exploring the countryside and knowing the culture of the native.

Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

If you are interested to ride mountain bikes, Vancouver’s north shore is the legendary place. A short drive from the city center with twist down and steep tracks through red cedars and a range of man-made bridges.
For the difficult trails Mt. Seymour and Mt. Fromme are renowned home, but there are also many cross-country trails for the gentler riders.

Yorkshire, England: Cycling

Though the UK is not well known as a destination for cycling, thousands of British cyclers were inspired by like of Brandley Wiggins, Chris Froome, and Lizzie Deignan over the past decade. Yorkshire’s quiet country lanes are an enjoyable spot for the biker. Though, up in the Dales, and the hills are not long as grand tour cols, but are step and comes one after another.
You can stop for tea and snacks after biking for an hour or two. You can stay at Harrogate, the spa town, which hosted the world championships in the year 2019.

Stavanger, Norway

You will be humbled by nature’s sheer scale and power by riding in Norway’s rocky windswept mountains, forests, waterfalls, and cavernous fjords. To start Norwegian cycling adventure Stavanger is the best place located on the southwest coast.

Best Places For A Cycling Holiday In 2020
Best Places For A Cycling Holiday In 2020

For a wonder climb for 9km from the sea up onto a rugged plateau, you can avail of a ferry. It will take you to the bottom of Lysebotn. From there you can come back to the fjord city by looping around 120km riding.

Cape Breton, Canad: Cycling

Riding in the Cabot trail of North America is one of the best experiences. You have to ride 300km circling Cape Breton Island which passes through fishing villages. It also passes and Acadian towns dropping hundreds of meters to beaches and ports. You can have a meal with fresh local lobster and chowder.

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