Discover Excursions And Tours By River Cruise Lines In Europe -

Discover Excursions And Tours By River Cruise Lines In Europe

river cruise lines in europe

There are many different types of river cruises available to vacationers in Europe. One of the most popular and longest running is the river cruise through the Danube. This cruise is the pride of Germany, and is a very popular tourist destination. Other river cruises can be found in Italy, Spain, Holland, Russia, Egypt, Norway, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Turkey, Switzerland and the USA.

Things To Consider While Selection River


When selecting river cruise lines in Europe, there are many things to consider. For one, what is the primary purpose of the cruise? Is it strictly a family vacation or do the guests have an educational or business trip? Many cruise lines in Europe offer activities on-board to entertain all of the passengers. These activities may include dance lessons, group shore excursions, educational courses on a variety of subjects, wine tasting, cooking classes, and movies and lectures on a variety of topics.

Determine The Various Destinations


Once you determine the cruise type that you wish to take, you must also determine the various destinations that you wish to visit. These cruises typically travel from port to port, so you must choose between destinations that are close by. If the ship sails along the river, you will want to choose a destination on either side of the river where you can view the landscape from both the shore excursion and cabins. Shore excursions often include rafting down the river, which provides the guests with the opportunity to see many different landscapes. These shore excursions usually last for two hours and are conducted each morning.

Historic Or Modern Interest

River cruises in Europe generally stop at destinations that have historic or modern interest to them. Some of the destinations that are visited frequently by cruise passengers aboard these cruises include the Danube, Rhine river, Douro River, Lubecken River, Saarbrucken, Sandau, among others. In many cases, the scenery is breath taking. Scenic villages along the rivers, castles and palaces, and landscapes with a romantic setting can be seen from the deck of a boat. Several companies offer scenic tours of Europe.

The cuisine aboard river cruise ships is exquisite, as well. The chefs usually prepare a gourmet menu that is composed of light foods, such as fresh salads and soups, and heavier meals such as stews, hearty stews and traditional German dishes. Many of the dishes served on these boats are made using local, fresh ingredients. The cabin stews are usually prepared in the cabin’s kitchen, while meals that are served on the ship’s dining deck are prepared in one of several dining rooms.

Summing Up

An excursion to Europe can be accomplished by choosing a river cruise company in Europe that has an excellent reputation. By researching various cruise companies, one can determine which excursions are offered and which ones are not. By comparing the options offered by each river cruise company, it is possible to find the best tours and excursions. These companies have a variety of vessels available so that it is possible to take part in everything from river cruising to swimming.

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