Europe Trips Ideas For Those Who Are Planning A Budget-Friendly Trip

europe trips ideas

Anyone who has ever planned on going to Europe for the first time to relax on vacations is determined to see at least a few different places on that trip. Countless people make the common mistake of thinking they can cover maximum cities by going from one city to another in a day or two. By doing this, they can only see the European train network’s beauty, rather than enjoying Europe. Here are some Europe Trips ideas.

Building Good Europe Trips Ideas For One Week

The trip should be started from the most famous cities. Consider exploring the famous cities, then later on coming to explore the cheaper and hidden places.

Spend at least three to four days and nights in every major city. Major cities like London, Barcelona, Paris and many more cities offer so many things to enjoy. One might even need two days to sightsee the famous sites.

Choose cities that are located nearby to each other. For example, Prague and Madrid are both awesome cities to visit, but they are both situated in Europe’s far opposite sides.

The best cities to visit are those that are no longer than a five-hour train ride. Always visit cities that you can reach by trains and not flights.

Best Europe Trips Ideas

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Below are some of the popular Europe trips ideas if one plans to stay for a week in Europe.

Outstanding London and Paris: – this is probably the best Europe trip idea, and most people enjoy it the most. Staying in London for three or four nights, then taking the 2 hours 16-minutes Eurostar train to stay in Paris for the next three to four days.

Amazing England and Scotland: – one can save the idea of exploring Europe on the next visit if England and Scotland are on the itinerary. One of the most famous cathedrals in Europe is present in York, a small roman city whose other specialty is its intact city walls. Stay in London for three days, then another day at York, and finally finish it off with Edinburgh for two or three days.

The mesmerizing Mediterranean cruise: – the Mediterranean cruise is the best place to start as the cruise will start from a popular departure port, and these cruises take the visitors from east to west. These cruises offer the visitor to drop at another port or return to the original port. These cruises start at seven nights, and they can extend up to three weeks.

Tips To Know

Before visiting Europe, these are the points one must consider

Summer vacation months in Europe are from June, July, and August, and they are generally the busiest time of the year.

The best months to visit are the months of April, May, September, and October. The weather is fairly acceptable with fewer crowds, and the prices are also cheaper.

Airbnb is a popular choice for accommodation in Europe, and there are many family-friendly hotels.

The clothes that one will be packing for the trip to Europe entirely depends upon the time one visits Europe.


It doesn’t matter which itinerary one chooses to visit Europe; all are good, and there is so much to see that you can for sure cover a city or two in one week.

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