How To Choose River Cruises And Restaurants On Shipboard Cruise -

How To Choose River Cruises And Restaurants On Shipboard Cruise

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Most cruise ships now provide a restaurant, which is typically located at the foredeck or in the main salon area. What is the fare like? Usually the fare on river cruises in Europe is very expensive. It’s European-themed cuisine that sets the price.

Breakfast tends to include fruit, cereal, yogurt, pastries, meat, juices, coffee and tea. Lunch includes either salad or seafood, first course meals usually include poultry, second course meals of chicken, beef and snack food.

With Or Without Showers

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The ships might offer staterooms with or without showers. The cabins on river cruising ships in Europe are well appointed, but the service is substandard. The cabins have no shower facilities, and the dining room offers very limited dining options. Dining room service is usually found inside the dining room, so guests have to walk down to the dining area to dine. What is great about these ships is that they have very spacious dining rooms and the guests can all gather together.

Many of the top deck and middle deck restaurants on river cruise ships in Europe offer an eating option on the lower level deck. Some of the dining options can be counter-service or buffet. The cost for eating on the lower level deck can be a lot more expensive than dining at a standard table on the main deck. For an alternative dining option, some of the larger cruise ships offer saloons with indoor pools, decks and porches – similar to what cruise ships in the Caribbean have.

Snack Bars And Several Restaurants

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In addition to eating at sea, some river cruise ships in Europe also offer an alternative dining option on the dock. Most of these ships have snack bars and several restaurants. These serve continental, non-perishable meals that can be brought on board, or can be purchased when one arrives at the port. A large portion of the meal will consist of chips and wits, and the guests may be offered drinks from various vendors on the dock. The availability of these food options is often contingent on which day the ship docks.

Some passengers prefer to dine in their rooms on board, though there are now modern shared kitchens that feature complete equipment and services. If you want to dine with other passengers, it is really important to book ahead. This ensures that everyone gets the opportunity to be there when you arrive. The larger cruise ships that leave from the port are especially busy. It is possible to get a good view of these boat docks to judge whether they are really busy during dinner.

Maximize Your Dining Options

One way to maximize your dining options while onboard a river cruise is to ask about and check out all the available dining room seats and tables. Many of these ships feature large decks for dining and dancing, which provides a great opportunity for socializing. It is worth finding out how many seats are actually taken up by passengers.

The fewer the seats, the more people you will have to mingle with, in order to make it a fun experience. It might be a good idea to try to plan your meal around a popular mealtime on board. For example, during the lunch hour, there are likely to be a lot more passengers on board, as many people commute back and forth between the departure and arrival point of the ship.


It can be a good idea to pay special notice to the main rivers that a cruise leaves from, as these can have the greatest impact on where you end up eating. Some of the major rivers with international interest are the Danube River, which travels through Romania, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria, and the Volga River, which flows through Russia and Ukraine. You will find that most of the cruise lines travel through a number of major European cities in order to dock at various ports of call and participate in international river cruises.

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