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mission trips to europe

European missions to the world are among the most inspiring experiences available. For those with eye-catching stories to tell, Europe is heaven from where many dreams may come true. But not everyone can afford expensive and elaborate European adventures. This is why Mission trips to Europe are given much significance by both groups. There are two kinds of such tours – one that can be easily organized by private individuals and the other that requires a great deal of planning.

Petronella was among the lucky few who got to enjoy a luxury mission trip to Europe. She traveled with her husband, German Shepherd Mark, and the couple’s dog, Silas. The entire trip, they said, was like an endless virtual adventure, which they never tire of. In fact, the only thing they didn’t do too much of is cook! They are happy to say that their virtual trip was the highlight of their lives so far.

Mission Trips To Europe

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On her and Mark’s first mission trip to Europe, Petronella had to fly to Berlin, meet up with the German Shepherd that they would be bringing along, and then go to Paris, where the couple’s dog would stay. From there, Petronella and Mark planned to visit Portugal, Holland, Spain, and Italy. The journey took them through many countries, and at the end of it, they hoped to have a completely unforgettable experience. They were not disappointed. On their second visit, they wanted to experience all of Europe. They went on a cruise ship, and while on it, Petronella met Joachim, a vegan, and fell in love with him immediately.

Mark and Silas traveled in the same direction. Their dream was to visit Portugal, and they were delighted when they got to visit Lisbon, which is where Joachim grew up. After going to Spain, the two decided to visit Norway, Germany, and Switzerland. On their third and final mission trip to Europe, they were determined to get to Paris and enjoy everything that France has to offer.

Joachim and Silas worked their way through central Europe, Holland, Belgium, and Italy. Each country was unique, and they had fun exploring them. When they visited Portugal, they were thrilled with everything they saw. Silas was impressed by the culture and the scenery, and Mark was excited to see the Eiffel Tower. Joachim was fascinated with the architecture, and they both felt like they had been to a different planet altogether.

A Much Ado

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Mark and Silas returned home with a wide smiles on their face. They had a blast exploring Europe, and their adventure had completely renewed their love for each other. Before they planned another trip, though, Petronella began to feel something was wrong. She felt that something wasn’t right about their relationship. They talked about breaking up and Mark and Silas decided to break up forever.

After a long hard day of traveling, the two decided it was time to go on a mission together. Joachim and Silas packed their bags and made their way to Europe. They knew that they had made the right decision to take a mission trip, but they also realized that they still needed time to rebuild their friendship. They made an appointment for a reunion that evening at a popular European restaurant. As the couple entered the restaurant, Silas immediately fell in love with the woman who was working there.

Bottom Line

Joachim and Silas spent several wonderful days together, and then Mark and Petronella drove home. Within two weeks, the two were back in each other’s arms, waiting for the next mission trip to Europe. That’s when they learned the news that Joachim had passed away, but not before they had discovered each other again. Their adventures in Europe turned out to be more than they ever dreamed they would have in their life, and they will always be able to thank their friends and loved ones for the trust they placed in each other.

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