solo Travel - The Pros and Cons -

solo Travel – The Pros and Cons

solo europe trips

Solo Europe trips are a great way to discover the wonders of Europe without having to take the traditional European route. Most of us have probably been there at least once, and maybe even multiple times, to get a feel for what it’s like to be “at home.” It’s not the best way to see Europe, however. Europe is a huge continent, and so are its tourist spots. If you want to see everything Europe has to offer, you’re going to need to do a lot of planning.

Familiarize With All Places

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So how should you plan your first time solo Europe travel? First, familiarize yourself with all the places in and around Europe you’re hoping to visit. Don’t just read about it in a travel guide; do it! Try visiting all the main tourist attractions as well as any historical places or monuments. Before leaving for your trip, advise yourself that you should try out various destinations in your country first and then plan an overall Europe tour.

You’ll also need to think about the type of accommodation you’ll be choosing when traveling alone. Depending on whether you’re traveling within your own country or abroad, you may find that there’s a wide variety of options available. For example, if you live in France, you might find that there are cheap French apartments for as little as 5 Euros a night! Meanwhile, if you were to move on to Italy, then you’d be looking at spending between eight and twelve hundred Euros a night. Sim card deals from travel companies can help you save even more money on your Euro trip.

Incredible Places To Visit

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There are some incredible places to visit on solo, European trips, especially if you’re a lover of culture. For example, Italy is chock full of beautiful beaches to explore, ranging from gorgeous beach resorts in Tuscany to historical cities like Rome. If you’re traveling alone in Italy, then you can even choose a tour of Venice, one of the most famous sights in the world. On your way from Italy to the French Riviera, try a trip to the Italian bays of Murano and Venice, where you can soak up the sun while dining on some delicious local seafood.

Going To Bali

As for places outside of Italy, you can consider a trip to the beautiful island of Bali. Bali is a great place to escape the crowds for a quiet, serene environment with some amazing temples and ancient ruins to explore. If you have time to kill between solo Bali trips, why not try the nightlife of Seminyak? If you’re looking for a little less quiet surroundings, then why not travel to Java, the second largest island in Indonesia, where you can explore lush jungles, mountains, and sandy beaches. Your first trip outside of Italy could even include a stop in Rio de Janeiro to experience the Brazilian culture.

South America also offers some wonderful opportunities for first solo travel experiences. You may be tempted to make trips to Argentina and Chile! While these countries do offer spectacular scenery, it can be hard to get around in a car. For this reason, it would be wise to pack a bit more equipment if you intend to make these trips. Luckily, most tourists do not take advantage of the Latin American continent when it comes to their travels, which is unfortunate because there are some truly beautiful places to explore. One of the more popular trips to take on solo travelers is a trek to the Andes mountain range, which will allow you to see amazing sights like tenants, ice-capped peaks, and beautiful rivers.

Keep Your Eyes Open For Bad Weather

As with any other part of the globe, you need to keep your eyes open for any bad weather that may befall the region you are traveling to. And so should you if you’re planning solo travel around the European continent. Make sure to pack a couple of winter clothes with you – ideally, a woolly top and a light jacket to cope with the frosty weather. It may also be a good idea to invest in a warm coat or rug to wear in your hotel room during the colder months. The first solo travel experience you will have will be in France, so it’s worth preparing yourself in advance for this country’s climate.

Final Words

One thing you need to remember about solo vacation trips is that they do come with their associated risks. For example, you may be entering into a territory where the security situation is unstable, or there may be people (including terrorists) fighting against the local population. So it’s important to prepare for anything that could go wrong while you’re traveling. There are plenty of solo travel packages that will include insurance cover for these sorts of situations. However, it is up to you to ensure that whatever protection you are prepared for is sufficient.

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