The Total Europe Road Trip Cost In A Nutshell

Europe Road Trip Cost

Europe is one of the most beautiful continents in the world and everyone dreams of visiting the continent on a trip. There are many places that you can visit in this continent but the best part is taking a road trip here. You can see all the wonderful places if you hire a car and go between the countries when you are in the continent. It will be an awesome experience and you will love the clean roads and the beauty that will surround you.

There are many costs that you have to keep in mind when you go travelling and we will tell you the Europe road trip cost in this article. The trip costs depend upon what you want to spend and how you want to spend it and this is just an estimate on how much you can spend if you are on a budget. It can be a lot more or a lot less than this so you have to understand that it differs according to what you choose.

Renting A Car

A person riding a bike down a dirt road

You can rent a car online and the car costs around $300 for the whole trip which is quite reasonable. The rent of the car depends upon which car you choose and what kind of facilities you want in the car. This is the car with automatic transmission and it has a GPS as well so that we can navigate our way easily and so that we do not get lost in the wild which would be a nightmare.

Cost On The Road

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The toll booths in Europe are very expensive and they charge a lot of money. There are some cards that do not work at the toll booths so you must remember to take cash along so that you do not get stuck anywhere. They do not accept Maestro which is totally weird but it is true so you need to carry notes and coins so that you can pass through the toll booth easily without any issues. Also, you must keep the cash handy and all the toll booths cost around $100 for a week.

Gas Costs

Gas is one of the most expensive aspects of the whole trip and it was not easy. You have to make several stops to get the gas and also refill it back when you return the car. The whole trip will cost you around $260 which is not bad at all. It totally depends upon where you go and what the distance was. This is just an estimate of what it might cost if you travel from Spain to Paris and back.


This is the whole trip cost of a Europe road trip in brief and the costs largely depend upon where you go and what you do there. The whole trip costs around $700 and other things are not included in this. So you can understand how much it will cost if you take a road trip but it will be totally worth it, we promise.

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