Tips for Visiting Amsterdam

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If you are looking for a really interesting and enjoyable way of seeing the city, why not consider taking a boat tour around Amsterdam. Boat tours are extremely popular as they provide an excellent and exciting way to explore Amsterdam. And with so many different options available, you are sure to find a canal boat tour that will suit your individual needs and requirements. Whether you are visiting Amsterdam for business purposes or visiting with friends or family for an exciting day trip, taking a canal boat tour is a fun option to try out.

There are many different options when it comes to travelling on a canal cruise in Amsterdam. For first time visitors, this can be a great way to get an idea of the city and its many wonders. By taking a day trip on a canal cruise, you can start to see the many sights that Amsterdam is known for. Once you have seen all that Amsterdam has to offer, you can plan your own other day trips around the canals and museums in Amsterdam.

An Overview

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One of the main attractions in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank house. It is a place where you can gain an overall picture of the horrific conditions that her family lived under during World War II. Visiting the house itself, which can be reached by following the narrow streets from the old city walls, is an experience in itself. However, if you would like to leave the place and immerse yourself in the Netherlands culture, you can visit one of the many other museums located in the city. The Vondelpark Museum and the Rijksmuseum are two of the most popular tourist attractions in Amsterdam.

You are going to be amazed by some of the architecture and history that you will encounter while visiting Amsterdam. Some of the most famous canals in Amsterdam include the canal known as Sloten, which connects the Red Sea and the North Sea, and the narrow waterways connecting the islands of Brac and Zaadamo. There are also theren streets linking the canals to the rest of the city. All these streets are named Sloten, even if the watercourses are not called so. In any case, a one day trip to Amsterdam will not be complete without visiting one of these important canal links.

One of the most famous attractions in Amsterdam for first time travelers is the Anne Frank House. This building was where the young girl who hid her identity for over 15 years became a minor celebrity. Even her death was commemorated here. The interior is extremely fascinating, and you will be able to hear the voice of the girl as she hid from the Nazis. You can also see where she lived and where the bakery where her cookies was baked came from.

Tips to Visit Amsterdam

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Other highly recommended things if you only have one day in Amsterdam are the Anne Frank House, the Anne Frank Museum, the Anne Frank House tour, the Anne Frank Square, and of course, the Red lantern festival. The Red lantern festival is one of the most widely-attended events in the city each year. It is held during the month of March, and is colorful, honoring the life of Anne Frank. Other events include the balloon twisting contest, which happens to be the world’s oldest competitive juggling competition.

If your itinerary calls for a longer day trip in Amsterdam, it would also be highly recommendable to include stops in other parts of the city. These include the University of Amsterdam, University Park, and the Central Station. All these destinations are easily accessible, and make for an excellent day trip.

For people planning their first time trips to Amsterdam, there is no need to worry about anything once they reach the city center. The accessibility is quite good, the transportation is efficient, and the tourist attractions are exciting and enjoyable. In just one hour from Amsterdam’s Frackenrain Station, the visitor can go to the Anne Frank House, and from there, to the other major attractions in Amsterdam. There is even an underground metro that connects the tourist spots together.

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