Top Two Tauck River Cruise Europe That You Need To Enjoy - Top Two Tauck River Cruise Europe That You Need To Enjoy -

Top Two Tauck River Cruise Europe That You Need To Enjoy

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With the approaching summer holidays, it is time to decide which river cruise will be the best option for you and your family. To make it simple here are two solid options prepared to make your boat cruising well-organized. Here is the Tauck river cruise Europe offers their visitors. Let us take a quick glance at those lovely options of boat cruise under-

Let Us Begin With Tauck River Cruise Europe With The Blue Danube

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It is a 12 days plan and is great if you take it from April to October. In addition. Tauck offers it guest with robust welcome, which includes-

  • A private Imperial evening at a place in Vienna for the gala night which gets coupled with Viennese performance. 
  • Then Tauck takes their guest on a private tour of Prague’s Baroque libraries to Strahov monastery.
  • Then Tauck also organizes a private aperitif along with a dinner arrangement in Prague Lobkowicz Palace.

The Itineraries To Follow For This Tauck River Cruise Europe –

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  • Day one includes arriving in Budapest, have dinner, and enjoy a serene night on the boat. 
  • The next morning, explore Budapest learning its history and ancient folklores. Here you can have breakfast too. 
  • On day three also, explore the remaining of Budapest before starting your journey again. 
  • Day 4 begins at Baroque where you will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also go out to visit this mesmerizing location. 
  • On day 5 start explore Vienna and have an Imperial evening. 
  • Enjoy the rest of Vienna before beginning your trip towards Durnstein on day 6.
  • Begin your day 7 at Durnstein and Wachau valley.
  • Day 8 takes you to Salzburg sights or Cesky Krumlov.
  • Begin your 9th day at Englehatszell where visitors get to explore around in a cycle, which is kind of interesting right?
  • On day 10 disembark Vilshofen for Regensburg and finally Prague.
  • Day 11 gives you an opportunity to learn about the several legacies surrounding this historical destination. 
  • Day 12 takes you back home. 

Next Is Amsterdam To Budapest

This is a 15 days tour which is perfect to take from May to October. Like the previous choice, this 15 days tour also makes their visitors enjoy a private Imperial evening at a palace in Vienna where they get to enjoy the Viennese performance. 

Itinerary that this trip follows-

  • Begin your journey in Amsterdam, have dinner, and get ready for an exciting next day.
  • Your next day starts by exploring Floriade, where you will stay the entire day. 
  • On day 3 learn about the history of Koln.
  • Day 4 takes you to Rudesheim.
  • On day 5 visitors get to spend the entire day cruising the Main.
  • Your 6th day begins at Rothenburg or Wurzburg where you can go for wine tasting.
  • Next, on the 7th, you cruise all along the Main for your way to Bamberg.
  • Day 8 takes its visitors to Nurnberg and towards the Main- Danube canal.
  • On day 9, visitors will spend quality time at ancient Regenburn on their way to Passau. 
  • Day 10 you will be in Baroque Passau cruising your day in the Danube. 
  • On day 11th, visitors will be in Melk Abbey. Enjoy a quality evening in Vienna. 
  • Day 12th offers its visitors an Imperial evening here in Vienna. 
  • Begin your day 13th in Baroque in Bratislava.
  • On day 14th enjoy both sides of Budapest. 
  • On the last day, start your journey back home. 


Well, these are the top 2  Tauck river cruise Europe offers its visitors. Plan a big holiday this season, to enjoy quality family time. These long vacations will sure refresh your work pressure. Also, you get to spend some good and happy times to cherish forever.

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