Travel Guide For 1 Night in Paris and Out of It For 8 Days

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Trip Masters is a division of Hilton Worldwide Travel. “Tripmaster” is a secondary-brand of Hilton Worldwide Travel. “Triumpreneur” is the brand for Triathlon Swimwear. This company sells and rents swimwear for triathletes, including wetsuits and training gear. The Triathlon Swimwear brand was sold to Icon Triathlon.

Know About Hilton Group Of Hotels

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“Hilton Triathlon,” a division of Hilton Worldwide Travel, is one of the largest hotel-chain franchises worldwide. The company has branches in almost all major cities around the world, including Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, Lisbon, Melbourne, Brisbane, Seoul and Barcelona. Triathlon enthusiasts regularly book flights to these destinations for the weekend, especially in the Spring. My wife, who was going on a trip with her boyfriend, was booked into a Holiday Inn hotel in Paris for their upcoming triathlon trip, scheduled for April, with a back-to-back double occupancy policy.

We were excited about leaving for our trip. We had discussed booking a week or two ahead of time in order to get the best deal on hotel rates, and we both knew that we would also want to make sure that we would be able to spend plenty of time in Paris. We both booked rooms in the prestigious Hotel Radisson Bonfires, located in the fashionable arrondissement Perroquet. It had a beautiful view of the Seine River and was conveniently located close to many other interesting buildings, including the Château de Versailles and the Musée des Beaux-arts. The apartment was beautiful, comfortable and conveniently located – perfect for both of us.

Our Trip Commenced At The Bonfire

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The first thing that we noticed was that our room had an extremely quaint and romantic feel to it. It was a simple room with a bed and some soft furnishings. However, it also had a fireplace and was surprisingly clean and very stylish. It was named, appropriately, the Parrot Hotel – and it was the very best-known luxury resort in France.

Create A Home Equity Amount

The next morning, my husband and I awoke refreshed and eager to begin our day. We were met at the front door by a chauffeur-driven SUV, and he informed us that the earliest bus service to the airport would be available from the Holiday Inn. We thanked him and set off to the airport, where we received another unexpected surprise. As we walked towards the departure lounge, we noticed that the Holiday Inn was actually situated to the left of the airport! It was impossible to miss, and we immediately picked up our bags and headed towards it.

Final Words

From the hotel, we rented a car so that we could explore the entire City of Paris on the way to and from the airport. We drove along the Seine River, the Lake Maroit, and through the ancient and historic towns of Vendors and Closiers. We even made an appearance at some of the historic and beautiful gardens and castles throughout France. Our time traveling to and from Paris was excellent! We are planning another trip into Paris and out of it for spring and summer!

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