You Will Be Amazed After Knowing These Facts About Western Europe Road Trip -

You Will Be Amazed After Knowing These Facts About Western Europe Road Trip

western europe road trip

Want to explore Europe’s most stunning scenery and locations? We have picked the finest road tours in Europe for you. You can either move in your vehicle or hire one at the airport upon landing. In all scenarios, you would have an amazing vacation. Get ready to explore Europe’s most scenic highways and habitats.

Ireland – Enjoy The Wild Atlantic Way

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Ireland is a glimpse of a road trip with its solid coast, sweeping valleys, and lively towns. Currently, driving is the fastest way to get to and from and holds you entertained within short distances to stops and spectacular backgrounds. The Wild Atlantic Route is an Irish road trip you would probably like to incorporate. From and to Dublin, the Republic of Ireland’s capital, on this tour of the island, you can see its sights over 10-14 days.

From Dubrovnik To Pula

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It’s all beginning from Dubrovnik! What a perfect place to start for an incredible route in Croatia, one of Europe’s most gorgeous nations! Book your car at the airport of Dubrovnik following arrival; the medieval area awaits you! It encouraged many filmmakers and many popular people to go on vacation.

Paris To The Glorious Grit Of Berlin

Leaving Paris, cross the mild mountains of Champagne and Reims to Luxembourg’s enchanting capital city and start exploring the many unicorn forts of the small country. Trier is within an hour’s drive north-east, Germany’s ancient city, where old Roman baths and basilicas stay pristine wonderfully. Spend the night in the Riesling wine country medieval village of Bacharach, until hiking through the avenues of Heidelberg. Go to Nuremberg and then on to Leipzig with your history, orchestral music, and cake for a large dose of hot coffee.


This is a car ride and climbing experience in one Pyrenees. It’s a wonderful path with four convenient to medium traditional Hautes-Pyrenees walking and a couple of Europe’s most stunning mountains at your side. We wrote a comprehensive post with an interactive chart of hiking and the recommended route, A Seven Day Pyrenees Hiking Trip, one of our sunny spots.

Amalfi Coast – Italy

The Amalfi Coast route is a magnificent 50km stretch of tarmac spanning the cliffs and inlets of the Tyrrhenian sea and is now Europe’s finest motorway. Like Portofino and Cinque Terre’s streets, this is a car path, and the lane is closed indefinitely to recreational vehicles and camper vans. Owing to the monstrous traffic level in the peak seasons, it is better traveled by car or by bike earlier in the morning in April, May, October, and November.

Romantic Road – Germany

About 300 km of breathtaking environments await you. When you arrive in Germany by flight, rest and hire a car at Munich airport if you drive your car to Füssen, the source of departure for this charming path. Go to Wurzburg by splendid platonic settlements, including Rothenburg.

The Last One: Sicily

A coastline road trip across Sicily may take a couple of weeks or a couple of months. This rich and varied island is a lot different from anywhere you have ever been before, spanning from ancient, exquisitely restored temples to new and thriving cities through jaw-dropping tourist attractions.

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